LinkedIn Learning

Want new or existing skills do you need to develop before applying for a job? Use LinkedIn Learning to access 17,000+ videos in a clean and simple interface that can be viewed on a laptop or phone. Personalized, data-driven recommendations for relevant and applicable learning where you can earn badges to display on your LinkedIn profile.

What is LinkedIn Learning? LinkedIn Learning is the perfect opportunity to upskill. Upskilling means to learn additional skills so you can be more competitive in your current role or job pool and be better prepared for the future. Click here to explore the over 100 programs Merrimack College has to offer and what LinkedIn Learning courses we recommend for you. Be sure you are logged in to your LinkedIn Learning account for free access!

Research from the National Soft Skills Association reports that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed, transferable skills. Check out this list of transferable skills most sought out by employers and what LinkedIn videos and courses will help you gain a competitive edge.

Feel like you don’t have the time to sit down and watch a video? Fear not – we have curated an audio-only list for your busy schedule. Listen to one while walking your dog, getting ready in the morning or while studying!

As a current student, faculty or staff member, you have free, unlimited access to your LinkedIn Learning account. You will be able to access LinkedIn Learning with this Merrimack shortcut link Upon your next login, you’ll see a new prompt to enter your existing Merrimack single sign on credentials. You may also be asked to reconfirm your LinkedIn profile connection details (email address and password). Finally, you may be asked to select your skills and interests to help customize the LinkedIn Learning experience. For returning learners, once you’ve completed this initial single sign on, your existing LinkedIn Learning history and certificates of completion will still be available in your account.

If you’re a Merrimack College alumni, we recommend LinkedIn Learning’s one-month free trial as a great way to use the above lists to enhance your own skill set.

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