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How To Reject A Job Offer Without Burning Bridges

Getting a job offer is worth celebrating, but not all the time. The employer may decide to post you in an unfavorable location or offer a salary that doesn’t meet your expectations. You may also get a better job while …

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5 Tips to Ace a Career Fair

Career fairs can be overwhelming, to say the least. In many cases, you’ll be vying against scores of other students for the attention of company representatives. The following infographic provides strategies that will help you stand out to employers and make …

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LinkedIn Learning Classes

Using Data in Financial Analysis

Taught by Michael McDonald
Big data has transformed the world of business. Yet many people don’t understand what big data and business intelligence are,…

Rust LLMOps

Taught by Noah Gift
In this course, MLOps expert Noah Gift covers the Rust language through live coding. Discover an iterative approach to understand…

AI in Connected Products (AIOT)

Taught by Sudha Jamthe
Projects Use Teachable Machine, a no-code AI tool, to build a computer vision model that can pinpoint tire defects by…

Hands-On Advanced Python: Data Engineering Basics

Taught by Joe Marini
Looking to get up to speed with advanced coding skills in Python? This course was made for you. Join instructor…

Oracle Cloud Data Management Foundations Workshop

Taught by Oracle University
Oracle data management embraces modern app development and transformation with a simply complete solution that is completely simple. In this…

Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate (DP-203) Cert Prep: 1 Design and Implement Data Storage by Microsoft Press

Taught by Tim Warner
The latest professional certifications from Azure are aligned with specific industry roles. Earning your Azure certification helps to validate your…

AI Show: The Basics of Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI Service

Taught by Microsoft Learn
The AI Show is a licensed partnership with Microsoft Learn that showcases the amazing work happening in AI at Microsoft.…

Recommendation Systems: A Practical Introduction

Taught by Miguel González-Fierro
Recommendation systems are among the most profitable artificial intelligence solutions you can deploy, for the simple fact that they can…

Controlling Cost with Azure Management and Billing

Taught by James Millar
Migrating to the cloud offers many advantages, but it can be an extremely expensive process. You’ll get more in terms…

Rust for JavaScript Developers

Taught by Eve Porcello
If you’re a JavaScript developer, you have likely been encouraged to learn Rust, program in Rust, perhaps even rewrite some…

Foundations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)

Taught by Jonathan Reichental
We are currently witnessing a rapid and disruptive transformation in all aspects of life, signaling the onset of a new…

AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C02) Cert Prep: 3 Infrastructure Security

Taught by Noah Gift
The AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C02) exam is intended for individuals who currently work in or hope to someday…

Learning Amazon Athena

Taught by Uduak Sonuyi
Do you need to perform queries on terabytes of data? Would you like to leverage the power of the cloud…

Rust for Java Developers

Taught by Tim McNamara
Are you a Java programmer looking to move into Rust? While both are popular languages, Rust has a number of…

Google Cloud Digital Leader Cert Prep: 1 Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

Taught by Google Cloud
If you want to match the scale and speed required to meet customers’ expectations, you need to make sure your…

Google Cloud Digital Leader Cert Prep: Infrastructure and Application Modernization with Google Cloud

Taught by Google Cloud
Updating your infrastructure is no easy feat, but the benefits outweigh the costs. In this course, learn how to get…

Google Cloud Digital Leader Cert Prep: 4 Understanding Google Cloud Security and Operations

Taught by Google Cloud
If you’ve already updated your IT infrastructure but are still relatively new to Google Cloud, you may be wondering about…

Google Cloud Digital Leader Cert Prep: 2 Innovating with Data and Google Cloud

Taught by Google Cloud
Modernizing your infrastructure and applications opens up a new world of possibilities. Did you know that leveraging cloud-based technology can…

Decision Intelligence

Taught by Cassie Kozyrkov
In a world driven at every level by data, what does it mean to be in—or aspire to—a position of…

Dependency Mapping for Cloud Migration

Taught by Gary Grudzinskas
Building a well-planned strategy is key to a cloud adoption that is successful during migration as well as post-migration. In…

Career Resources

Practicing & Preparing for Interviews

Think you know all of the questions an interviewer will ask during your upcoming interview? Maybe you do – or …

Resumes: Create and Update

Do you want to create or update your resume? Use the resources below to learn how to define a resume …

Building Your Network & Using LinkedIn

The best way to explore potential career choices is by speaking and networking with individuals who work in the field. …

Cover Letter Writing Success

Are you unsure how to write a cover letter? Do you want to learn the tips and trick to articulate …

Dress for Success

Your attire serves as a powerful tool in shaping first impressions during interviews, networking events and professional experiences such as …

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Resume/Cover Letter Help

Resumes: Create and Update

Do you want to create or update your resume? Use the resources below to learn how to define a resume …

Cover Letter Writing Success

Are you unsure how to write a cover letter? Do you want to learn the tips and trick to articulate …

Using AI for Career Development

This information is being provided to support students in ethically utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to increase efficiency in their …

Cover Letter Help & Tips

Your cover letter is the best way to introduce yourself to the hiring manager, expand upon experiences and skills listed …