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I Asked ChatGPT to Write Resumes, Including Mine. Here’s What Happened.

Whether you think artificial intelligence (AI) is coming for your job or not, it’s here to stay. And the buzziest of all AI is ChatGPT. Though it’s capable of many things, should ChatGPT write your resume?

Consider ChatGPT’s compelling results. …

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Jasmine Meade ’22 rises from Intern to Mechanical Engineer at BLW!

Jasmine Meade ‘22, rose from a recent internship to a full time position as a Mechanical Engineer at BLW! Jasmine is a Mechanical Engineer major with a minor in Mathematics. On campus, Jasmine can be found in the Honors Program, …

By Casey Stevenson
Casey Stevenson Communication & Copywriting Intern
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Student Spotlights

Colin Dottor

Student Spotlights
  • Engineering Intern at EDL Energy

Kira Mazur ’24

Student Spotlights
  • Mechanical Engineering Intern at Mercury Systems

Chris Rincon ’25

Student Spotlights
  • General Electric Aerospace Manufacturing/Supply Chain Engineer at GE Aerospace

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