Environmental Science & Sustainability Internships

Community internship opportunities take place in a wide array of public and private organizations focused on environmental policy, business, research, regulation, enforcement, ethics and education. Internships can be completed during the academic year or over the summer. They may be paid or unpaid.

See environmental studies internships that Merrimack students have completed in the past. These are only examples and not an exhaustive list of options.

Environmental Consulting
Municipal/Government Work
Natural Science
Internship Criteria
  • Must be at least 100 hours over the course of the semester.
  • Must enroll in ESS4850: Community Internship course. The course can be taken during the semester when the internship is completed, or it can be taken the following semester.

Environmental Science program director, Dr. Kristy McDowell, must approve your internship to ensure it fulfills the required internship criteria. You may speak with her in-person or via email at mcdowellk@merrimack.edu.

Finding an internship takes time; it is recommended that students begin searching for internships at least six months before their intended start date. Your career advisor, Stephanie Sartori, can help you search for internships and assist with your resume or cover letter for applications. You can schedule an appointment with Stephanie on Handshake. There are also opportunities from the O’Brien Center that can assist you with finding an internship, such as workshops, panel discussions or internship and career fairs.

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