Using AI for Career Development

This information is being provided to support students in ethically utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to increase efficiency in their career development journey. Please be cautious and follow the appropriate guidelines set by Merrimack College when it comes to academic courses and assignments.

You’ll find recommendations for using AI tools based on the category of support.

  • You should never input personal identifying information.
  • Be sure to review all suggestions for relevance and accuracy. Information provided by AI Tools should always be fact checked.
  • You should always start with content you have written yourself and use AI tools to better promote yourself, your work, etc.
  • Be cautious of when information was last updated based on the tool – not all tools use up-to-date information.
  • When prompting AI, be specific and customize the prompt to the relevant task. It may be helpful to use multiple prompts related to one task.

AI tools can support you in rephrasing or better identifying the best resume / cover letter components. You should attempt to write this content on your own first and go to an AI tool for support in reviewing it.

Did you know that Merrimack College provides free access to Quinncia?

Suggested Prompts – may require you to paste content into the tool

  • Based on this job description, identify two to four keywords I should prioritize in my resume or cover letter.
  • Using my resume and the job description – what 5-10 skills should I highlight?
  • Based on this job description, how can I rephrase this bullet point with relevant keywords?
  • How can I rephrase these bullet points for clarity and conciseness?
  • How can I enhance my resume profile section when applying to X position / company.
  • Does my resume have a clear and logical flow?
  • Can you help me to expand my bullet points to make them more informative?
  • Can you suggest strong action verbs to start my bullet points?
  • Do you have any general tips for making my resume stand out to potential employers in X industry?
  • Based on my resume, what should I highlight in my cover letter for X position?
  • How can I express my genuine interest in the company and the position in my cover letter?
  • How much detail should I include about the company’s background and mission in my cover letter?
  • How does the tone of my cover letter come across – conversational or formal?
  • Are there any words or phrases I should avoid using in a professional document?

You can use AI tools to support the actual search process for a new position. We recommend using these tools to conduct research in a more efficient manner, but remember, it does not replace the need to review material on your own.

Suggested Prompts

  • What are ten companies I should look at when considering a position in X in the Greater Boston area?
    • It can be helpful to provide more detail – such as internship or full-time, location, and even go more specific titles.
  • I’m just starting a search for a new position. What steps should I take in an internship/job search?
  • What networking advice do you have as I consider a position at X company?
  • What information should I know about a company before applying / interviewing there?
  • What can you tell me about X company? Where else should I look for information about them and their company culture?

AI tools can support you in identifying the types of people you should add to your network and formulating the outreach plan.

Suggested Prompts

  • What advice do you have for me to begin networking with people in X industry / company?
  • What can you tell me about X company? Where else should I look for information about them and their company culture?
  • I’m considering doing an informational interview – how should I prepare?
    • What questions should I ask to a person in X position?
  • I’m attending a networking event – how should I prepare?
  • What should I do after an informational interview / networking event?
  • Can you help me write a brief LinkedIn message to connect with a professional in the field?
  • Can you help me write a thank you note to someone who I met at an event?

We highly recommend using AI tools to support you in preparing for upcoming interviews across positions and experiences.

Suggested Prompts

  • What should I research before interviewing with a company?
  • I am a sophomore business student interviewing for X at company. What questions should I be prepared to answer?
  • I’ve never been in an interview before – how should I prepare?
  • I’m interviewing for graduate school – how should I prepare?
  • I am participating in a mock interview and don’t know what to expect.
  • How should I follow up after an interview?
  • I want to have a better response to Tell Me About Yourself. Here’s what I have so far – how can I improve my answer?

Resources provided on this page are provided by:

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  • Teal
  • ChatGPT