Professional Development Retreat

The Professional Development Retreat(PDR), an all-expense-paid career development initiative for select students, that assists in cultivating their professional growth and making connections with members of Merrimack’s Board of Trustees, the College Leadership Council, alumni, and corporate partners to help support their professional growth. This distinctive program illustrates Merrimack College’s commitment to its students’ success and the impact of the College’s network.

The Professional Development Retreat takes place each semester, and selected students must attend one orientation session. This fall’s retreat will be held in Boston at the Hotel Commonwealth with views of Fenway Park.

Topics throughout the Retreat include:

  • Utilizing strengths and skills to influence outcomes in a project-based environment
  • Networking, both a workshop and sessions with alumni, friends, and industry partners of Merrimack College
  • Effective collaboration and the impact of professional presence within a group
  • Communication styles, and articulation of strengths and skills in an interview setting