Are you ready to search and apply for internships, co-ops and jobs? Update your Handshake profile for employers, schedule an appointment with your career advisor, or sign up for an O’Brien event today.

If you’re an alumni looking to register an account to search for jobs, we encourage you to create a new Handshake account here and select Merrimack College as your school of choice. This help article will provide step-by-step instructions for you to begin using Merrimack’s online job platform.

There are many ways to search for opportunities on Handshake – you may even see specific postings in an email or on social media. We recommend meeting with an advisor to discuss the right types of opportunities based on your goals and interests. 

  • Use the search and filters for a more targeted search.
    • Look up specific job titles
    • Filter by full-time job or internship
    • Use location to help narrow down your options
  • When looking at the position description – Handshake will utilize information in your profile to determine whether you meet the preferred qualifications of the role. You can still apply even if you are not a perfect match for the role.
  • Consider messaging an employer if it’s an option. You could also do some research on LinkedIn to find a representative if one isn’t listed on Handshake. 
  • Before applying – consider more in depth research on the company to ensure it fits your values and needs of a position. 
  • Always customize your application materials to the position – schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss in more detail. 
  • Ensure your documents are uploaded to Handshake prior to applying or prepared to attach during the application. We recommend submitting a PDF file to maintain your formatting.

Questions can be directed to your school-based advising center or the O’Brien Center.

You have the opportunity to share both non-credit and credit-bearing experiences in Handshake. This may be required for full-time co-ops and specific credit-bearing courses. Please submit the experience once you have accepted a position.

  • Navigate to the Career Center page from the menu and select Experiences.
  • Select Submit an Experience.
  • You’ll need to know your credit-bearing course code (as applicable) or select Independent Internship, if it’s not for credit, and select the correct term you are working at the position. 
  • Complete the details about the organization you’re working with – a quick Google search can help fill in the gaps on what you may not know. 
  • Tell us all about the position you’re working in – don’t worry if there are things you don’t know just yet.
  • Your supervisor’s email is one of the most important parts of this form – if you are unsure of who your supervisor is, please reach out to your recruiter or HR representative.
  • Using the position description from when you applied – tell us more about your responsibilities. It’s okay to copy and paste from the official job description. The expected hours per week can be an estimate if you’re unsure.
  • As you complete the form – please ensure you read all of the questions and understand what is required of you from the Merrimack end of your position. This varies depending on your academic department – if you have questions, reach out to your faculty member, career advisor or the O’Brien Center.
  • You’ll be able to see updates as your experience is approved on the main Experiences page. 

Questions can be directed to your faculty member, school-based advising center or the O’Brien Center.

Did you know the O’Brien Center and school-based advising centers have made templates and other resources available to you in Handshake? Access them:

  • Scroll through the list to find a resume template relevant to your school or major. There are also general guides on how to write a resume and a cover letter on this page. 
  • Navigate to the Career Center page from the menu and select Resources. While some may align better to a specific school or major – you can decide which one you would like to utilize.

If you’re planning to apply for a position on Handshake, you’ll want to upload a resume and any other documents related to your job and internship search. We recommend:

  • Click on your profile picture and navigate to My Documents. 
  • From this page, you’ll see any existing documents and whether they are visible to others. You can also upload new files. 
  • Selecting Add New Document allows you to name your documents, select the relevant type of document and select it from your computer. We highly recommend uploading a PDF version to save your formatting.
  • Now this document lives in your account and will be available to attach to upcoming applications. 

Want to make your resume the best it can be before uploading it? Check out this page with additional resources or schedule an appointment with an advisor! Questions can be directed to your school-based advising center or the O’Brien Center.

Specific job postings will give you the opportunity to message with an employer representative. There are many ways to find positions with the opportunity to message the employer. You may see positions on your Handshake homepage, using the filter on the job search page with the checkbox for “Employer is open to messaging” or by chance in a position you select. Here’s an example of what the opportunity looks like:

Before messaging – see if you can find the answer in the position description or by doing a quick Google search on the company. If you still can’t find the answer – reach out to the representative.

Customize your message, be professional and courteous. Provide them an opportunity to respond in Handshake or leave an email address for them to reach out to. Make sure to check Handshake for a response in the days following your message. 

Questions can be directed to your school-based advising center or the O’Brien Center.

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