Did you know that 70% of all resumes are never seen by an actual human being when you apply for an internship or job? 😱 Almost 98% of Fortune 500 companies use a system known as applicant-tracking systems, better known as ATS. ATS are software applications that help sift through job applications, pulling out candidates most suitable for the job based on their resume. Everything from formatting, to abbreviations, keywords, to skills are all taken into account when you apply for your next dream position. 

Wondering if your resume will make the cut? Curious about the interview process? Quinn can make suggestions to improve your resume before you meet with your career advisor. This AI-based tool can also walk you through a mock interview that concludes with suggestions on filler words, rate of speech, and nonverbal communication.

Want to see how awesome this resource is for yourself? Check out these videos & documents below or scroll through Quinncia’s student library of FAQs and help articles! 🎥

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