Career Development Team

Samantha Medina

Assistant Vice President and Director of the O'Brien Center for Career Development

Samantha joined Merrimack’s professional staff in July 2012 after serving as a graduate career advisor for first-year business students.  Following Samantha served in various roles across the center, from advising to operations. Most recently, Samantha served as the Director of Employer Experience, supporting employers as they seek to connect with students and the Merrimack community. She became an Assistant Vice President of the O’Brien Center in 2021.

Samantha earned her M.Ed in Higher Education from Merrimack College, and her B.B.A. in Hotel, Resort, & Restaurant Management from Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL.

What is most important about career development that you learned in college?

“My alma-mater had a significant focus on networking and continuous personal/professional growth built into every course we took.  We were encouraged to attend local networking events for our industry once per month, to get business cards, to send thank you notes, and to engage in internships/co-ops.  The continuous reminder to interact with others and engage in each opportunity shaped my entire future and remains with me in the work that I do now in career development.”


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McQuade Library, Room 205

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