Working Warriors: Madison Allen ’21 Sharpens Skills with Digital Federal Credit Union

Madison Allen ’21 is an expert problem solver! As she completes her bachelor’s in business administration, marketing and management, she’s also working full-time at Digital Federal Credit Union! As an assistant marketing specialist, her hard work has created countless opportunities for her to develop and hone her skills. Today, Madison joins us to chat about her position, the career resources at Merrimack, and the infamous “elevator pitch.”

DAN ROUSSEL:  Hi Madison! Congratulations on all your success with the Digital Federal Credit Union. You started 2021 off as their full-time assistant marketing specialist—how has the job been so far, and what are you doing in your role?

MADISON ALLEN:  Hi! So far, I have been very much enjoying working with the marketing team at Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU). Due to Covid-19, DCU has made the shift to working remotely, but we are still working closely with each other via Microsoft Teams. I started my full-time position remote, but this has not affected my work in the marketing department. As an assistant marketing specialist, I attend daily stand-up meetings and work heavily in the platform JIRA. 

I’m glad you’ve been able to have a great start, all things considered! DCU seems like a great fit for you, as you had two internships with them prior to this in 2020, too. Were these very different experiences for you, or did they share a lot in common? What did you gain from them that prepared you for full-time work?

With DCU, I was exposed to different marketing opportunities. I started off my internship with the creative team at Digital Federal Credit Union. I worked closely with the merchandising specialist, and then moved to working with the creative specialists. When I interned with merchandising, I communicated with branches and fulfilled branch requests; working with the creative team exposed me to working in Photoshop and different Adobe platforms. When Covid-19 first impacted the U.S., I was moved to the product marketing team. With the product marketing team, I focused more on market research and industry trends, putting together reports, tables, and presentations. All of the tasks during my internship prepared me for my full-time role, and all the skills I gained from working in a dynamic organization have allowed me to work effectively. 

You’ve done a lot of different things with DCU, wow. You’re developing a really well-rounded skillset. Marketing is such a wide field, with lots of possibilities—where do you want to be long-term?

Marketing has always been an interest of mine. It is such a large industry, with so many opportunities. I am enjoying the role that I am currently working in, and I plan to continue learning and growing in the marketing department at DCU!

Glad that you plan to stick with it! Speaking of marketing—a big part of the job search is marketing yourself. What’s your elevator pitch to potential employers and connections? How did you develop it?

During the Spring 2020 semester, I was hired as a merchandising intern at DCU. I took the business internship course, and submitted my elevator pitch as one of the course assignments. I met with Morgan Phipps frequently during my interview process, and she worked with me to develop my elevator pitch based off of my prior experiences. “My name is Madison Allen—I am from Falmouth, Maine, and I am a senior at Merrimack College majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and management. I am currently working with Digital Federal Credit Union as a merchandising Intern in the marketing department. I aim to use my knowledge of social media marketing, communication, problem solving, and leadership in a dynamic organization.”

That’s a great pitch! I’m glad Morgan was so helpful to you. Were there any other Merrimack resources that have been crucial for you?

At Merrimack, there are so many resources to help you with job searches and the interview process. I worked with Morgan frequently during my search, and for interviews as well. She helped with interview prep and keeping my resume up to date. She encouraged me before every interview to learn a bit about the company, and have a list of questions to ask at the end. 

She’s the best. And you’re right—there are so many resources here on campus! Finally, as we wrap up: do you have any shoutouts to make, or advice to share with your peers?                      

I recommend starting to look through internship postings early.  Senior year approaches quickly, and having internship experience under your belt helps with the hiring process post-grad. With business being such a wide field, different internships help with exposure to all of the different roles and responsibilities, which helps grant perspective on new career fields, and helps develop new knowledge and skills. Networking was also helpful for me. Take advantage of the resources at Merrimack, LinkedIn, the career fairs, and career events!

Amazing advice! Best of luck with your work at DCU, and thanks for joining us for Working Warriors!

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By Dan Roussel
Dan Roussel Communications and Copywriting Intern