Working Warriors: Tyler Amyot ’22 Lands Internship with Systems & Technology Research

Tyler Amyot ’22 has cracked the code, securing an internship with Systems & Technology Research for the upcoming summer! While earning his bachelor’s in computer science, Tyler works for the IT Help Desk at Merrimack and serves the community as an Austin Scholar and RA. His tenacity has taken him far! He joins us today to discuss what’s in store for his future, his campus experiences and the importance of finding growth opportunities in unexpected places.

Hi Tyler! First off—congratulations on securing your upcoming internship with Systems & Technology Research! How did you find this opportunity, and why does it interest you? Tyler Amyot

Thank you! I started my internship search early, as last year Covid-19 canceled many summer internship programs—including ones I had interviews at. This opportunity ended up being the third summer program I had applied to for 2021. I was very fortunate that STR had a speedy turnaround, and they gave me an offer in early November. I jumped on this opportunity, because STR guaranteed that my internship would still happen regardless of Covid-19 restrictions. The internship interested me because I wanted to see IT in a different setting, besides the academic side, and see some opportunities the company could have to offer in the computer science field. 

Wow, that’s a pretty turbulent process! But you stuck it out, and that’s going to pay off this summer. So, what will you be doing in your role? If there’s any areas of the internship you’re unsure about, how will you be working to build that knowledge? 

In my internship at STR, I’m going to be working in the business operations division, specifically in the IT department. My day to day tasks will include providing end-user support, and supporting new and current technology. As technology is always changing and being developed, I’m sure there will be some things that I am unsure about or have never seen before, but I look forward to learning from co-workers and supervisors about the technology they use in their everyday life.

With the landscape always changing in tech, that’s gotta be really exciting. How have your studies in computer science prepared you for this opportunity?

The computer science department at Merrimack has some wonderful professors that make the material fun and interesting. My classes have taught me how to problem solve, think critically and when to seek support. The computer science curriculum is very well-rounded, and the department has concentrations to help you tailor it to your interests.

Good to hear that you can individualize your major in the department! Outside of academics, you’re also an Austin Scholar and an RA! How would you say these involvements have shaped you?

Being an Austin Scholar and a RA has taught me a lot, personally and professionally. Through the Austin Scholar program, I have learned how to apply what is taught in the classroom to everyday life, what it means to be a part of a community and what values to look for in one. At the same time, this is my first year being an RA. It has taught me how to manage time better, and how to connect and work well with others who may have different opinions or ideas. Both of these involvements have pushed me out of my comfort zone, and taught me how to advocate for myself and others.

Finding your community and learning to work with different people go hand-in-hand; that’s awesome that those experiences complement each other so well. And in your spare time, you work for the IT Help Desk—what skills have you been developing? Has your experience been directly related to what you’ll be doing in the future?

I am very grateful for my experience at the IT Help Desk, as it has allowed me to support all different types of users, and troubleshoot many different technologies. It has also given me insight into how large organizations manage technology services and track inventory on these products. Finally, I have worked on developing my customer service skills, and consulting with co-workers and supervisors. My experience has helped me discover that, while I have a passion for the help desk environment, I am also very interested in IT’s networking side and the security that relates to that. 

What a valuable experience! Finally, as our chat comes to a close—do you have any advice, or final thoughts, for current students? Any shoutouts to make? 

My advice to current students is to not give up. My sophomore year I applied to probably twenty-five internship programs, and I received maybe three interviews that ultimately ended in no opportunity for the summer of 2020. But it gave me interviewing experience, and helped me become better prepared for the summer of 2021. Utilize your career advisor and the O’Brien Center for Career Development, as they helped me fine-tune my resume, draft cover letters and find opportunities. I want to thank the IT Help Desk, my professors, and all the other people who helped me get to where I am today!

That’s great advice! Thanks for joining us today, Tyler, and good luck with your upcoming internship!

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By Dan Roussel
Dan Roussel Communications and Copywriting Intern