Working Warriors: Lauren Richardson ’21 Knocks It Out of the Park with “Work Like A Girl” Initiative

For Lauren Richardson ’21, finding key internships for her career development has been a slam-dunk. As a former intern for the Lowell Spinners and the Boston Celtics, she’s worked her way into the industry for her latest project: a position with Barstool Sports’ “Work Like A Girl” platform! Today, Lauren joins us to discuss the initiative, the barriers to success in the sports industry and how to get your foot in the door.

Hi Lauren! You really deserve a round of applause for everything you’ve been doing lately. Right now, you’re working with “Work Like A Girl” on Barstool Sports! Can you tell us what “Work Like A Girl” is, and what you’re doing in this role?Lauren Richardson '21

Hey Dan! “Work Like A Girl” is a platform for women that are in school, or already in the workforce, that are looking to network within their field. It is a direct affiliate of Token CEO, a business podcast created by Erika Nardini of Barstool Sports. “Work Like A Girl” launched back in January and operates on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The platform has a wide range of groups to join such as “How Do I Adult?” to more specific groups such as “Business Careers.” I help run the “Sports Careers” page on Facebook, where we share tips on networking, industry trends, and job opportunities. It’s been great to network with other women in the sports field, along with helping others learn the ins and outs of the sports industry.

That’s so cool—there’s a lot of moving parts there! So, how did you get involved with Barstool? What led you to where you are now?

The idea for the platform “Work Like A Girl” originated from Token CEO! I became an avid listener early on, and even joined the “Token CEO Podcast Discussion Group” on Facebook. From there came the idea of creating a network for women that were either in school, or about to enter the workforce. The goal of the platform was to provide young women with the opportunity to network and gain a unique perspective within their field. Soon after, the Token CEO team began looking for leaders to run the groups and help promote its content. As soon as I saw the opportunity, I knew that I had to apply! I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Token CEO team and other college students across the country.

What a dream, getting to work with a team you’ve admired for so long. I’m glad you were able to break into the industry through Token CEO; do you feel like it’s been difficult to break into the sports industry overall? What made you want to work in this field?

Yes, I feel that it has been difficult to break into the industry and find ways to set yourself apart from others. The sports industry is very competitive, and it’s all about who you know. I’ve found that you have to be willing to try new things and put yourself out there. Even if the position that you’re in isn’t your dream job, it’s a foot in the door, and that allows you to gain valuable experience and network with industry professionals. It can act as a stepping stone to your dream job! I decided to work in sports because I’ve always been passionate about them, whether I was playing them or watching them. Sports have always been a part of my life, and I knew that I could never sit at a desk all day crunching numbers from nine to five. Sports are exciting, and they bring people together; I love being able to play a role in that experience!

Well, you definitely got your foot in the door before this—you’ve been an intern for the Lowell Spinners, and the Boston Celtics! That’s so huge! What did you do with these teams? What skills and experiences are you bringing from these internships into your current venture? 

Both of these internship experiences were amazing, and they helped get me to where I am today. I interned with the Lowell Spinners in their sales department and had the opportunity to learn skills such as cold calling and prospecting, while mainly working on group sales and season tickets. We got to work every home game, which allowed us to get a well-rounded experience and exposure to other departments. Shortly after my experience with the Spinners ended, I began my internship with the Boston Celtics as a Ticket Sales Intern. I worked closely with my colleagues in group sales to prospect new leads and form new ideas for group programming. I had the opportunity to work home games at the Garden and assist with the coordination of on-court fan experiences. I’ve learned the value of hardwork and dedication, and that if you set your mind to something, you can do anything!

Lauren at her 2019-2020 Boston Celtics internship

Lauren at her 2019-2020 Boston Celtics internship!

Sounds like you’ve had a really good string of valuable internships! Outside of these off-campus experiences, how has Merrimack played a part in your development, both personally and professionally? What resources gave you an advantage?

I feel that Merrimack has done a great job with organizing networking events and career fairs for students. I’ve enjoyed the chance to network with Merrimack alumni, and gain some insight into how they got to where they are. It’s great to have the opportunity to meet someone in your field that went to Merrimack, and to get to know them on another level. I’m always under Merrimack’s LinkedIn page looking to connect with alumni in the sports field!

It’s great to hear you use Merrimack’s LinkedIn for networking! As we finish up, Lauren—do you have any shoutouts to make, and/or advice to share with your fellow students?

The biggest piece of advice that has stuck with me has been to put the work in now, gain experience and make connections. Take every opportunity that comes your way to learn new things, grow and cultivate new relationships!

Thanks for those wise words, and for joining us once again! Best of luck with “Work Like A Girl,” and we can’t wait to see how else you succeed!

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By Dan Roussel
Dan Roussel Communications and Copywriting Intern