How is COVID-19 Affecting Companies or Industries Where I Want to Work?

Short answer? COVID-19 is probably greatly affecting industries you’re looking to work in. But a pandemic shouldn’t be the reason you decide to stay in your room all day learning TikTok dances. Keep yourself up-to-date on all the information out there, as it changes almost daily. These tips will make it easier to digest information and narrow your knowledge to the industries and companies you’re interested in:

    • LinkedIn is a great resource for recent articles so that you can stay in the know.  Follow companies you are interested in so that you can see what they’re saying about how this might be impacting them.  Join professional groups/associations in your field on LinkedIn to see what they’re saying.
    • Reach out to Human Resources reps at companies you are interested in to see how this may be impacting their recruiting and what types of opportunities they may still have.
    • Consider opening your search, geographically and functionality wise.  Have a plan A and a plan B.

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