Data Science

A data scientist has an appetite for looking at the world through a different lens. You might be a number cruncher, a trend observer or a pattern finder. Majoring in data science at Merrimack College will prepare you to be technically proficient to compile and synthesize data in both scientific and creative ways. You'll develop the competitive skills you need to enter the thriving data science job market. You’ll investigate machine learning and artificial intelligence and learn how to analyze big data, unstructured data and data analytics.

Data scientists are hired by a wide range of companies. You’ll find data scientists working at companies like Netflix, Uber and Microsoft where their technical skillsets in data mining, data collection and statistical analysis are highly desirable. With a Bachelor of Science in Data Science from Merrimack College, you are setting yourself up for career success. Use the Career Insight tool below to see real-time labor market data on jobs in this field.


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