Career Market Data

Choosing a career path is no easy feat. There are so many factors to think about as you transition from deciding on a major to graduating and applying to jobs. You may be wondering, “What jobs are out there?” or “Who is hiring now?” Along with these questions, you may also be curious to know how much a certain job typically pays and what skills you will need in order to get hired and succeed in the role or industry.

The Career Clusters are an opportunity to explore all 100+ of Merrimack’s majors, master’s, and certificate programs and understand the answers to your questions. Here, you will find portals to eleven Career Clusters tied together by common industries, interests, and pursuits. This is where you gain access to the opportunities, experiences, and a career advisor that you will need to develop your transferable skills and launch into a career of your choosing.

On each Career Clusters page you will find information specifically curated for that industry including what positions are associated with that major, how much those jobs will pay, what skills are necessary to succeed, and the resources you need to make your career development a top priority while at Merrimack College. Revisit these pages often as the information provided is based upon live, labor-market data from Burning Glass Technologies that changes with current hiring trends.

You are free to explore as many career clusters or majors that interest you. In fact, you are encouraged to do so. You might find that your passions may take you to multiple majors and industries and your exploration might get you excited about an opportunity you had never previously considered.


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