Whether pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, Merrimack College's biology curriculum is designed to provide you with a strong science foundation. Dependent on the program you choose, courses will take an in-depth look into life science, multidisciplinary support in chemistry, physics and mathematics.

A B.A. in biology with a co-major can lead to many rewarding career paths in politics, education, communication and more. Many of our graduates are middle school and high school science teachers. Other graduates are science writers and journalists in the public and private sectors, technical sales representatives in the biotech and pharma industries, and directors and advisors to public and private environmental agencies and community advocacy groups.

A B.S. in biology prepares you for careers in biomedical sciences, biotechnology and more, along with prepping you to enter graduate school. Many of our graduates have moved on to professional programs in the health professions and are doctors, dentists, veterinarians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. Use the Career Insight tool below to see real-time labor market data on jobs in this field and what careers in biology are available to you.


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