Marc Gonzalez’s Career at Boston Harbor Hotel

Marc Gonzalez 23 graduated as a member of the honors program with a degree in business administration with a concentration in hospitality management with minors in graphic design and visual arts. Marc has since accepted a job at the Boston Harbor Hotel as their social media and marketing coordinator.

A founding member of the Hospitality and Tourism club on campus, Marc’s connection through the club played a crucial role in landing the job. In the club, they had many site visit trips, including the Boston Harbor Hotel. Marc noticed a job opening at the Boston Harbor Hotel, so he reached out to his contact from the visit. They were so impressed with him reaching out and the initial club visit, and he interviewed for the role and received an offer the following day.

As the social media and marketing coordinator, Marc oversees several social media pages for the hotel, and assists in advertisement strategy, website development, graphic design, sponsorship relations and more. A dynamic array of responsibilities from day to day includes attending marketing strategy and partnership meetings while working on prevalent projects and developing content plans for social media. 

During his time at Merrimack, Marc actively participated in career fairs, workshops and networking events organized by the O’Brien Center for Career Development. He completed two internships to enhance his resume and gain valuable experience. The first internship was in marketing at Landmark Educational Tours, a Massachusetts-based educational tour operator, where he learned marketing and design skills. The second opportunity involved working one-on-one with his graphic design professor, creating branding designs for a community-driven arts festival in Mission Hill, Boston. Both experiences contributed significantly to building Marc’s resume and expanding his professional network.

Marc aspires to pursue a career in the digital marketing and graphic design industry, creating creatives for marketing agencies. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging relationships at Merrimack, encouraging students to join clubs, attend events and network, as connections play a vital role in job and internship applications. Marc advises, “Take advantage of every relationship because you never know who might have an opening aligned perfectly with your goals.”

By Hannah Gibbs
Hannah Gibbs Marketing & Student Outreach Graduate Fellow