Dreams in Action for Aidan Gibbs

Aidan Gibbs, an honors student, is pursuing a degree in biology and will graduate a semester early in December 2024. Aidan has been actively involved in several campus clubs and organizations, such as band, health professions club, admissions ambassadors, best buddies, resident advisors, and more during his time at Merrimack.

With dreams of becoming a pediatrician since kindergarten, Aidan is committed to his studies and making that dream a reality. In 2023, he learned about a trip to Athens, Greece through the SEND program where Merrimack students were able to shadow doctors in refugee clinics where they would help underserved communities. The SEND program offers students chances to serve these communities in various locations during school breaks.

After going through an interview process for this program, Aidan got the opportunity to participate in the Athens trip. The medical brigade in Greece gave him the chance to work alongside a pediatrician treating patients with basic free healthcare. This experience in another country reinforced his desire to become a doctor, validating his lifelong dream.

At the beginning of 2024, Aidan embarked on another international service learning trip to Belize, engaging in similar service activities. Visiting different villages, he gained insights into the healthcare systems of Belize and worked in low-income housing, assessing the most suitable pharmaceuticals for each patient. Both experiences were enlightening for Aidan, fostering gratitude and fueling his passion to continue helping others.

With his career journey in mind, Aidan attended the fall 2023 Internship & Career Fair hosted by the O’Brien Center for Career Development. There, he connected with a company named Vinfen, which advised him to reach out after he traveled with the SEND program. This connection ultimately led to a job offer for Aidan. He emphasizes the importance of utilizing the campus resources available to all students, encouraging them to explore opportunities for their career growth.

By Hannah Gibbs
Hannah Gibbs Marketing & Student Outreach Graduate Fellow