Charlotte Cute’s Global Business Journey

Charlotte Cute ’25, originally from Virginia, was recruited to play on the Division 1 Women’s Golf team at Merrimack. Currently pursuing a major in business administration and international studies, Charlotte’s academic journey took an exciting turn during the fall of 2022. Enrolled in Global Marketing under Professor Patricia Clark, she and her classmates engaged in an online business competition through X-Culture.

Immersed in this enriching experience, Charlotte developed a fascination for understanding how diverse cultures communicate and handle business matters. The exposure in class motivated her to apply for the in-person 2023 X-Culture Global Symposium and International Business Consulting Competition in Lublin, Poland—an application she successfully secured.

During the competition, Charlotte collaborated with students from Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. The initial two weeks involved fully remote teamwork and navigating varying time zones. Finally, the teams convened in Lublin, Poland for a week of intense collaboration.

Assigned to work with Accrea, a small tech company aspiring to expand in Europe and beyond the European Union, Charlotte’s team delved into creating a business expansion plan. One product that the company was passionate about was its robotic arm. Her team researched marketing strategies, competitors and the expansion into Norway. During their week in Poland, the team visited Accrea, meeting with company executives to understand their plans. Charlotte and her team’s efforts culminated in a presentation to the executives at the end of the week, where they earned the top spot among all groups working on the Accrea project.

The research aspect of the project and the opportunity to explore how different countries conduct business left a lasting impression on Charlotte. She cherishes the connections made during this experience and envisions incorporating similar experiences into her future—traveling and exploring product expansion into new markets. Charlotte’s enthusiasm extends to her plans for studying abroad, as well as her attendance at the upcoming spring 2024 Professional Development Retreat, where she aims to further enhance her career development.

For fellow students navigating their career paths, Charlotte recommends leveraging the resources at Merrimack, such as advisors and professors. She emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance, as her interaction with Patricia Clark played a pivotal role in leading her to this transformative experience. Additionally, Charlotte encourages students to ask questions and reach out to people, recognizing networking as a crucial aspect of the business world.

By Hannah Gibbs
Hannah Gibbs Marketing & Student Outreach Graduate Fellow