Register Your Internship

Registering your internship means to record your experiential learning experience, whether that be an internship, co-op, assistantship, practicum, or field experience, in the “Experiences” tab of your Handshake account. It takes about 5 minutes of your time and is valuable information for the College to have. The reason we ask you to register your internship is two-fold: the value of your degree will increase as Merrimack College continues to grow, as well as offering the opportunity for other Merrimack Warriors to learn from your position and potentially experience your internship as well.

Below are the steps to registering your internship on Handshake:

  1. Log-in to your Handshake account with your Merrimack email and password
  2. Click on the top-right dropdown “Career Center” and “Experiences”
  3. Click “Request a New Experience” in the top-right hand corner
  4. Fill out the required information regarding your internship and submit