How Can I Engage With Students?

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Students are actively utilizing online resources and social media this year. Explore our virtual engagement opportunities available to promote your company’s brand, and engage with our student body:

Social Media Posts: We know students are actively utilizing social media as a news source this year and we want to help you to promote your brand in spaces students already are. Connect with us on social media, let us share your new opportunities or reshare relevant content on O’Brien Center social media, to build your organization’s brand with Merrimack students.

Company Videos: Do you already have videos that you utilize to attract new employees to your company? Do you have a unique company culture or favorite thing about your office? Share a quick video about any topic of interest and we would be happy to share it out to our student population and tag your company.

Instagram Takeovers: Over 73% of Generation Z college students are utilizing Instagram and other social media platforms. Want to highlight your company in a way that students are in-tuned to? Consider taking over the @obriencenter Instagram for the day, posting videos and photos, answering student questions, and explaining more to Merrimack Warriors why they should join your company today.

Volunteer as an Informational Interviewee: Complete the form linked here to be connected with students in our one-credit career course or other students seeking new connections.

Merrimack Minute: Q&A Session: What sets your company apart from competitors? Why should Merrimack students apply to your open internships and jobs? This live or pre-recorded Q&A session makes the most of your time and is an easy way to not only promote your company’s brand, but also builds your visible presence among the Merrimack student population. Ideally 5-15 minutes in length.

Merrimack Minute: Live Interview (Podcast Style): Have a story to tell and frequently asked questions to answer? Connect with a Merrimack staff member and record a live interview in a podcast style format to further connect your organization with Merrimack students. Interviews can feature company culture, ways to join your team, or professional advice for students to connect with. Interviews are likely 20 minutes to an hour in length.

Virtual Coffee Chat: By hosting a virtual coffee chat or office hour, you are dedicating time to building the next generation of leaders in our changing atmosphere. You can assist our students in how to best prepare for virtual interviews or remote work experiences, give feedback on resumes, and much more.

Virtual Information Session: By hosting a virtual information session, you are providing Merrimack students with an opportunity to learn more about your company, your available positions, or a topic of interest. Invite Merrimack students to participate by publishing a virtual event on Handshake today.

Virtual Interview Assistance: Just because our campus is closed, doesn’t mean your interviews come to a stop. Now is a great time to let Merrimack help to organize those phone or video interviews using the Handshake platform.

If you have questions or would like to discuss engagement in more detail, please email and our team will be in touch.


O’Brien center events

Career Fairs: Typically held in fall and spring semesters, career fairs are an excellent way for your organization to build or maintain your brand at Merrimack while sharing information about your internship, co-op, and full-time opportunities with students and alumni.

      Save the Date: The Merrimack College Fall 2021 Internship & Career Fair will take place on Wednesday, September 29 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. 

Ask an Employer: An informal meet and greet event that exposes students to different companies within their majors. It is a great chance for employers to build their organizational brand on campus; introduce themselves to students, and potentially market their openings. Students stop by to ask questions and converse in a casual setting in one of our academic buildings. It is less formal than a career fair and only a select number of companies are able to participate.

Networking Events: Offered at different times throughout the academic year, students and local alumni are brought together to discuss career paths and success post-graduation. Majors and focus areas of these networks vary. In our prior events, we have offered Accounting, Finance, Sports Management, Marketing, Health Sciences, Criminology, and more.