While hundreds of individuals might earn the same badge, each badge is unique due to its verifiable metadata. Metadata includes information regarding the issuing institution, date of issuance, criteria for earning and evidence that the learner has met the criteria. Evidence is supporting information such as: the learner’s work, rubrics, program/activity information, peer or expert endorsement, narratives, documents, videos, etc. Evidence can be uploaded or shared via a link. Each criteria requires a distinct piece of evidence that will be embedded in your badge. Digital badges are valuable in that they offer more ways to showcase and share skills, knowledge and achievements, than a typical college transcript. Digital badges can be shared:

  • On your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn
  • On your digital resumes
  • In your ePortfolio
  • In your email signature


Digital badges at Merrimack College are aligned with the NACE Career Readiness Competencies for the 21st Century college graduate. These skills, specifically sought out by employers, include critical thinking, professionalism, intercultural fluency, oral/written communication, teamwork/collaboration, leadership, career management, and digital technology. Digital badges are specifically designed to better equip you with the skills that employees demand and to help you to communicate those skills in professional settings.