Theatre Arts

Based on a liberal arts foundation, the theatre arts major at Merrimack College will provide you with a variety of core courses in the theatrical arts including history and criticism, literature, performance, directing, design, management dramaturgy, and technical production. You will gain a well-rounded and broad understanding of the field of theatre studies and study performance, directing, playwriting and technical production.

Our major will help prepare you for a career in live theater production, arts management and/or performance. You will be well-equipped to pursue a range of opportunities, such as actor, director, writer, technician, and designer, in a number of arts-related fields including theatre, television, film, corporate communications, advertising and more. The degree also provides you with the necessary foundation for further graduate school training.

A theatre arts degree is also valuable in other careers that require collaborative skills, creative imagination, and discipline, such as education/training, management, public relations and the law. If you are an entrepreneur you can sharpen your creative abilities, especially when paired with a co-major or minor in business. Use the Career Insight tool below to see real-time labor market data on jobs in this field.


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