Master of Arts in Spiritual Direction

Gain the skills and knowledge to accompany people of all faiths on their spiritual journeys with Merrimack College’s Master of Arts in spiritual direction. In this program, you’ll learn to guide people of all faiths on journeys of spiritual exploration. The program equips you with specific techniques to help people discover meaning in their lives, embrace codes of ethical behavior and exert a positive influence on their communities and environment. Spiritual direction can only be learned through direct, hands-on practice. Merrimack provides you with two semesters (totaling more than 100 hours) of supervised training in spiritual direction, with ongoing feedback and reflection from faculty and fellow students.

Merrimack College’s spiritual direction master’s degree aligns with modern attitudes about spirituality, religion and tolerance. The desire for a greater spiritual dimension in daily life is increasing around the world, both within and outside of organized religious faiths. Spiritual directors are uniquely qualified to meet this demand, helping individuals understand their own spirituality and bring a sense of purpose to their lives. Many ordained clergy offer spiritual direction as one part of their official capacities. However, a growing number of practitioners are laypeople who have devoted themselves to serious study and contemplation. Some offer spiritual direction as part of a broader practice in counseling, teaching or community leadership. Use the Career Insight tool below to see real-time labor market data on jobs in this field.


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