Rehabilitation Sciences

As a rehabilitation sciences major, you will study human function, disability and rehabilitation, with an eye toward promoting health and well-being. In this program, you can extend your classroom learning out into the field through faculty-directed advanced research projects and access to state-of-the-art technology like our BodPod and 3-D Gait Analysis.

With your rehabilitation sciences degree, you’ll have a strong foundation in the health and behavioral sciences as well as real-world experience in the specialty of your choosing. Ready to dive into your professional career? You’ll be prepared for positions in athletic training or medical-fitness product design, or for clinical research in areas like orthopedics, gait analysis and sports performance. Interested in advanced study? Your degree will help you satisfy prerequisites for graduate programs that can lead to careers in fields like physical and occupational therapy; orthotics and prosthetics; athletic training; and speech and language pathology. Use the Career Insight tool below to see real-time labor market data on jobs in this field.


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