5 Ways for Employers to Engage with Students

How do you like to connect to resources to work, learn and unwind? What is your preferred method to connect with friends, family or work colleagues? If your answer is, “it depends,” you have a lot in common with our students who are Generation Z and digital natives. While our students expect career resources on demand, they also still want human, face-to-face interaction– especially when it comes to building their networks. While COVID has shifted some of this interaction into a virtual world, there are numerous opportunities for you to partner with the O’Brien Center for Career Development and connect to our Warriors with career exploration and development.

Our team in the O’Brien Center for Career Development trains and empowers students to enter the workforce by focusing on building tangible, technical skills and transferable skills. We use real-time labor market data to identify in-demand skills and LinkedIn Learning digital programming to supplement and complement what students are learning in the classroom to ensure they have the knowledge and professional skills to help your organization meet its goals. This career exploration and development journey begins when a student decides to attend Merrimack and continues through graduation. Technology tools, workshops, bootcamps, skills development seminars, Career Advisors and Success Coaches provide students with the resources they need for success on this journey. We also rely on our employer partners to provide students with valuable insights on the skills they should develop to ensure successful entry into the workforce.

How can you help? Below, we provide the top 5 ways you can join our team in connecting with students. But first, a quick commercial break.

Students want to network with you to hear firsthand how you got to where you are now, how you have adjusted to the pandemic, and what they need to do to be successful to pursue and work in an internship, co-op, or full-time job. What is the best way to share your expertise?

Attend one of Merrimack’s Internship & Career Fairs hosted twice per year (fall and spring). The Fair is the best place for you to connect with skilled students actively searching for internships, co-ops, and full-time opportunities.

You can also connect directly with students anytime through Handshake! Check out Handshake’s support articles on the recently enhanced employer experience. Additional support is available from our team through emailing employers@merrimack.edu.

Want to build your company brand and connect instantly with students? You should be on Instagram and TikTok. What sets your company apart from competitors? Gen Z students care about: diversity and inclusion, authentic social presence, and individuality.

With over 2,200 followers on Instagram, we can provide a space for you to promote your company culture and ways to join your team – along with providing professional insight for students. Connect with our team today to get started, and stay tuned for the launch of our student-managed TikTok channel!

You can be a guide on the career exploration and development journey of students by speaking on a course topic from your perspective. In fact, the O’Brien Center for Career Development launched the Career Workshop series to serve as a launching point for the career exploration journey that begins when students first arrive at Merrimack. These workshops introduce students to the role, value, and techniques of career exploration and development and focuses on the foundational knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for students to be successful in their career path.

We invite you into the classroom to share your perspective on today’s workforce and necessary skills for success. This is also a unique branding opportunity for your organization as you will connect with students of all academic disciplines and levels of experience. While students will range in their academic year, most will be actively seeking opportunities for Summer 2022 and beyond. Email employers@merrimack.edu to get connected as soon as possible.

Want to keep up with the latest accomplishments of our students? Introduce yourself to Merrimack students via LinkedIn and connect. You will see students using LinkedIn Learning to build essential, professional skills that your organization is looking for. You will also see students sharing digital badges earned from participation in on-campus programming ranging from Diversity Awareness, Career Management, Safe Zone training and Mental Health First Aid.

Join the Team! 

By Shannon Zelek
Shannon Zelek Director of Career Connections