Working Warriors: Meghan Bussiere ’21 Climbs the Career Ladder with Cool Money Coach

Meghan Bussiere ’21 has built herself from the ground up as an expert copywriter! While she works toward her bachelor’s in English and business administration, Meghan leads the Writing Center as both a writing consultant and council member, all while working an internship with Cool Money Coach in her spare time. Today, she joins us to discuss this latest venture, what skills have been crucial to her and the professors that paved the way.

DAN ROUSSEL:  Meghan, congrats on your new copywriting internship! You’re a month into interning with Cool Money Coach—how did you find them? Can you take us through the search and hiring process? Meghan Bussiere '21

MEGHAN BUSSIERE:  Thank you! I actually interviewed with them back in November and declined their offer for a different internship! After running into some issues with my previous internship, I reached out to my now supervisor, Martin, and asked if there were any opportunities for me at Cool Money Coach. We talked on the phone and we were able to establish a role for me with Cool Money Coach, and then I was able to begin working with them!

That’s awesome! I’m glad you sought out Martin again; it never hurts to ask for an opportunity. So, what are you doing in this role? What about Cool Money Coach gels with your own interests and passions?

Cool Money Coach is launching a downloadable campaign, which are PDFs for people to fill out so they can understand and apply skills to their own budget. I have been doing research on that, and looking at what other companies have been doing with their own versions of downloadables. I have also recently begun researching financial planners so that Cool Money Coach can create and sell their own version! What I really enjoy about Cool Money Coach is their positive company culture, and my ability to create my own projects with the guidance of my supervisors! A positive work environment truly helps the experience and the knowledge you gain from an internship.

So true, the work environment and company fit are so integral to your experience. You’re doing exciting work! I hope they’re giving you opportunities to edit as well, since you’ve likely developed a keen eye for editing as a Writing Center consultant. Speaking of, how has the Writing Center, and your English major, prepared you for the workforce?

I have now been working at the Writing Center for three and a half years, so I have definitely been able to expand my knowledge and absorb different areas of writing that I typically wouldn’t see through my English and business majors. The Writing Center and my English major have prepared me for the workforce through analytical reading and writing skills, as well as being able to carefully express my thoughts through a piece of writing. Writing is at the core of everything we do, and I feel like my experiences through the Writing Center and English major have allowed me to further develop these skills.

You just mentioned your business major, alongside your Writing Center work and English major—could you speak more about that? How has that factored into your copywriting skills as well? How do you plan to use both your majors?

I believe my business major has positively impacted my copywriting skills too, as I am able to write more technically.  With English writing, we have a thesis which we use quotes and examples from texts to prove. Meanwhile, business writing is very technical and specific to a company or case study. With that, I am truly able to apply my technical writing skills to my internship! I plan to use both of my majors in the future, as I think that they supplement each other well. Like I said before, writing is at the core of everything we do, whether we realize it or not. I am going to pursue a career in business, but I feel my English major can help show my ability to critically think, read, and write through different lenses.

That’s a great way to bring your interests and passions together cohesively! And as we wrap up, do you have any advice for fellow students?  If not, do you want to shout out anyone in particular?

My advice for students is to become close with your professors and advisors; they’ll help you navigate college and post-grad life. If it weren’t for Dr. Scherwatzky, Professor Parent, or Dr. Koch, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Their guidance and expertise has made me feel like I have made the right decision to pursue both English and business, as well as prepare me for the workforce!

Great advice! Getting connected with your professors—and faculty, in general—can be such a game-changer. Thanks again Meghan, and good luck with the rest of your internship!

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By Dan Roussel
Dan Roussel Communications and Copywriting Intern