Working Warriors: Hailey DeFaria ’21 Thrives at Authority Ghostwriting Marketing Internship

Hailey DeFaria ’21 has been working at marketing agency Authority Ghostwriting since September as a marketing and digital media content creator. While pursuing her bachelor’s in marketing, Hailey has served in a variety of jobs and internships on and off campus, with organizations such as Campus Ministry and Advolution. In between her daily hustle and bustle, we sat down with her to chat about her current internship experience, her time with Get Hired Up, and how both Merrimack and the Austin Scholars have prepared her for the working world.

DAN ROUSSEL: Hi Hailey! Thanks for joining us today. We first spoke when you started your internship at Authority Ghostwriting — how has your time there been since then?  What are you doing in your role?Hailey DeFaria

HAILEY DEFARIA: I absolutely love my internship! I was nervous at first to begin it, but I am so glad I have gotten this opportunity. I have been doing everything: from creating social media content and graphics, to writing articles and blogs for various companies, doing research for specific clients and proofreading and editing content. 

Wow, you’re doing a lot of different work — how did you find the internship?  What was the process like?

I was fortunate enough to have Authority Ghostwriting reach out to me on Handshake, because I came up in their search for an intern. Because I am a marketing student, and have interests in creative writing, I stood out as a good candidate for this internship. The process was very swift and easy; because of the pandemic, we first interviewed through Zoom to see if we would both benefit from me joining the team. I was very excited to join, and we scheduled my first day the upcoming week!

I’m glad it was such a good fit right away! Now, you interned last year with the O’Brien Center’s Get Hired Up initiative, helping your peers to find internships of their own and promote the career development services we offer. Did your time with Get Hired Up help prepare you for taking on this digital marketing role?

Being a Get Hired Up intern has benefited me in various ways. First and foremost, having experience advertising and managing social media posts, as well as analyzing engagement levels for Get Hired Up, has prepared me to deal with social media professionally. Get Hired Up  helped me create a professional and marketable LinkedIn and Handshake. I learned the importance of networking and staying active on those platforms to increase my chances of getting hired.

Now that you’ve spent some time in your role, what skills have you realized you still want to develop? On the flipside, what strengths did you bring to your internship?

After spending some time at Authority Ghostwriting, I realize that I would love to develop my research skills as well as writing and editing. The strengths I bring to my internship are my creativity when it comes to content and engaging an audience. 

Austin Scholars Alumni Event, Fall 2020

Austin Scholars Alumni Event, Fall 2020

How has Merrimack helped you develop those skills?

Merrimack has helped me grow professionally in so many ways. Joining Austin Scholars, in particular, helped me become who I am today. It has increased my interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. Being a Get Hired Up Intern also made me realize the importance of networking and being professional. Overall, Merrimack has really prepared me for the real world. I used to be afraid of starting a new job or internship, and now, I am excited and open to all professional opportunities.

Outside of Merrimack, you’ve worked in many different capacities. How have you spun all those different roles into relevant skills and experience?  What advice would you give students with a similar varied work history?

I have learned many different skills. From being a dietary aide at a nursing home, to a secretary at my town’s recreation center, a sales associate at the bookstore, and now a front desk attendant at the gym, I have an array of experience. What all of those positions have in common, though, is accommodating customers, clients, and patients individually. I have learned interpersonal skills like customer service, responsibilities in every area, and accountability.

I’m glad all these different positions have held some common skills for you to develop! It’s definitely paying off. Thanks again, Hailey. You’re making Merrimack — and the Austin Scholars — proud!

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By Dan Roussel
Dan Roussel Communications and Copywriting Intern