5 Tips for How to Research A Company & Land the Job

With Merrimack College’s first ever virtual Fall Internship & Career Fair less than 20 days away, now is a better time than ever to start looking at the over 60 companies in attendance this semester! An important rule of thumb for attending any recruiting event: you should have some knowledge about the company you are hoping to speak with. Not only will this show that you’re prepared to speak with the recruiter or employer, but can also give you the edge that will help you land the interview or job.

Once you’ve checked out the employers attending our Accounting, Finance & Banking, Engineering & Computational Sciences and all other majors & industries fairs, it’s time to start the process. Put your blue light glasses on 👓, get comfy in that dorm chair you never use, and charge your iPad or laptop up because we are about to start digging. 🕵

1. Check out the company’s website (and yes, more than just their home page).

Don’t get us wrong, the home page is a great first step in learning what the company even does, but we know you can take it to the next level. Check out their “About Us” page, and look for relevant information around the position you’re hoping to apply for. Looking at a marketing positions? See if their social media is listed. Interested in finance? See if they have year-end reports you can learn more about their plans for the future. And who knows, you might even find other awesome internships or full-time opportunities listed in their “Careers” or “Employment” sections. Look at you, you’re a research novice! And we’re just getting started.

2. Pull up the trusted Google and run a quick news search. 📰

Doing a quick search on Google to find relevant news about the company will demonstrate that you really know what’s going on at the company. For example, your knowledge about a company’s recent acquisition or latest large-scale virtual event can show that you’re listening and you care about the company’s performance. After finding this information, think about how this would connect with what you’d like to do if offered a position. Would your experience and skill set help this company grow? If so, how?

3. See which Merrimack Warriors can help you get the foot in the door. 👞

LinkedIn is a great resource to see where Merrimack alumni (or even current students!) work or have worked in the past. Using Merrimack’s Alumni Tool on LinkedIn is the easiest way to quickly filter and find who has the connections at the dream employer you’re looking for. Not sure how to use the tool? Check out this quick video by career advisor, Joe Jenkins to learn how! Trust us, this tool is pure gold for connecting in a virtual world. Once you find someone, shoot your shot and send them an invitation to connect and a quick message. Most alumni are more than willing to help a fellow Warrior succeed!

4. Start working those thumbs 👍  Check out the company’s social media accounts.

And we’re talking any and all social media; that’s what we’re good at right?! Scan their latest tweets on Twitter for news, their LinkedIn Showcase page for relevant professional news, Instagram for their visual aesthetic and how they are responding to current issues, YouTube for video content, and maybe even TikTok! We (and they) know that social media is the main way you’re finding news, so make sure that what they want you to know via social media is something you do know.

5. Transform this newfound knowledge into questions or talking points to use at the Fall Internship & Career Fair! 

You are a research rockstar! 💥 But… now what? Register and sign-up for 1:1 or group sessions at our virtual Fall Internship & Career Fairs on Wednesday, September 23rd to showcase all of the glittery, new knowledge you have about this company! Is there something missing from your research that you want to learn more about at this company? The career fair is a great time to get face time with a recruiter and ask.

Still need more help preparing for the Fall Internship & Career Fair? The O’Brien Center for Career Development is here to help you! Visit Handshake today to search for open opportunities, meet with your career advisor, and more.

By Ashley Archangelo
Ashley Archangelo