Get Noticed. Stand Out. Move Ahead. LinkedIn Learning.

With the job market being tighter today than it has been in a long time, how does your resume get noticed so that you stand out to prospective employers and get that interview? By mastering skills that the employer is looking for.

While your degree is the ticket to the game, the skills that you’ve mastered are the way to get to the front row!  So the first thing you have to ask yourself is, “What are the skills that the employer is looking for, and how do I find out?”  Good question.  For whatever type of role you are trying to pursue, a quick search on or in Handshake will yield a number of job descriptions – with competencies and qualifications.  A marketing specialist position may list a thorough knowledge of web analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc.) and Google Adwords as a qualification.  You can stand out as a prime candidate by showing mastery of those specific skills.  It’s like having a ticket that shows Row 1, Seat 1.

Master those skills through LinkedIn Learning!

  • It’s free for all Merrimack College students
  • You have 24/7 access – from the comfort of your own home
  • There are more than 16,000 courses to choose from
  • Once the course is taken and the skill is mastered, a certification can be added to your profile

In addition, employers from all industries are looking for employees who have mastered transferable skills such as communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, organizational skills, research, presentation skills, analytical skills, leadership, and more. You can also pursue or refresh those skills through LinkedIn Learning as well. Explore some courses/learning paths here:

Transferable Skills LinkedIn Learning Content

Developing a mastery of skills and showing them on your profile could be a difference-maker in your job search. Remember, the purpose of the resume and cover letter is to get you in the door for the interview – and listing those skills will certainly help you to get noticed and stand out!

Move ahead of others – utilize the free resources available to you!  We invite you to visit the O’Brien Center for Career Development website and learn more about LinkedIn Learning today

By Marge Dwyer
Marge Dwyer Director of Communication & Events