Junior Bryan Landgren describes his experience interning at Lawrence High School:

At my internship at Lawrence High School, I work directly with a group of students who are involved with the Early College Program. The Early College Program is a way for students to engage in a rigorous curriculum that brings together both students interests and high academic standards to pursue a degree in Computer & Information Science, Education, Engineering, or Healthcare. If students would like to continue their education at Northern Essex Community College after they graduate from LHS, they would only need to complete one more year to get their associates degree. I have been creating flyers, creating a website to be launched as a central point of contact for all things related to the Early College Program, and I have been working hands on with the students specifically in the healthcare pathway this past semester. I have been in charge of several workshops, accompanying students on field trips, and working closely with the program coordinator to find new ways to expand the program to new horizons and new opportunities for all students interested.

This internship has got me working directly in the Lawrence High School, helping me see the potential I have with the end goal of becoming a High School Guidance Counselor at one point in my career. These students and the faculty here at the high school have challenged me and put my strengths and weaknesses up for the test and it makes me grateful for the experience that I am having here. Working in this field is something that has always inspired be since knowing what I wanted to do. My life motto that I truly feel is the most important to live by is to help those who are temporarily unable to help themselves. Everyone deserves a chance to do what it is that they are so passionate about and continue to truly inspire those around them.

Throughout this process, I have gained skills such as communication and marketing skills. I have also gained interpersonal relationships with students who come from hardships, have a yearning for learning and a potential to grow. These skills have made me feel as though I am more prepared for the long run and when it comes to understanding my career path as a whole. Being able to utilize the skills that I have been learning since coming to Merrimack and seeing what it is that a high school employee does on their day to day basis is something so amazing and empowering; making me beyond excited to begin my career once I take the skills Merrimack has set me up with and I can put them into effect full time.

One of the most important takeaways that I have had throughout this process is that there is always a chance to take control of your life. These students have shown me so much courage and have been such an inspiration to prove that there is so much more to life than just an A and a B in a class, but to get that real experience out there in the world is something so important to learn as early on as possible. These students are strong and continue to show me that there is always something new to get out of a day. Focus on the positive and continue to work towards becoming a better individual to show how much you deserve the outcome.  

If I were to give advice to other Merrimack students, it would be to take advantage of all the opportunities you are offered. Ask questions whenever you think of them. There is never a time to learn more about the field that you are most interested in. Be present and be aware of everything that is happening to you at this time in life. I love more than anything knowing that everyday, I am working to make a difference in someone else’s life.

By Courtney Krause
Courtney Krause Marketing Intern