Senior Mechanical Engineering student, Erin Crowley, shares her experience interning with MicroMedical Solutions:

My name is Erin Crowley and I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering Major at Merrimack College. Coming into Merrimack, I knew I wanted to go into Engineering, but I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do with my degree but now three years later, I know exactly what I want to do! Over the past year, I have interned at a company called MicroMedical Solutions. MicroMedical Solutions has been an amazing opportunity. This Semester I am working 10-15 hours a week, with the option of more hours depending on the particular week. My tasks range from typical office-work such as filing and scanning to working hands on in their on-site laboratory doing routine regulatory and compliance testing. On any given day, I could inspect hundreds of stents, sterilize stents for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Inspections, or organize files to prepare for FDA Inspections. I get to work hands on with their stents and test their designs for all different quality measures.

MicroMedical Solutions is in the process of designing and releasing life-altering stents to decrease the risk of Critical limb ischemia caused by Peripheral Artery disease in the United States, and hopefully soon in countries around the world! The most interesting experiences I have had would include all the daily testing I get to do in the lab and having the chance to sit in on company design meetings. Sitting in on company design meetings are amazing experiences because it allows me to see the big picture and all the “behind-the-scenes” work that goes into releasing a product. While working for MicroMedical solutions, I am able to see my company work directly with the FDA.

I have loved working for MicroMedical Solutions because they allow me be very involved in the company and it has been such a great experience! My future goal is to design medical devices needed to save patients all around the world, so this internship directly lines up with my future aspirations. I hope to pursue a career at a medical device company and work in a design, compliance or regulatory position and eventually work on clinical trials with a product I design! At my internship, I have truly learned that I can accomplish my future goals and I love going to work every day knowing I am making a difference!

By Courtney Krause
Courtney Krause Marketing Intern